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The following story, "Thirty Methods of Influence", was published in Einsteins Business™ by "Dawson Church Ph. D. ", author of Einsteins Business. It inspired the founders of Custom Technologies to try a different approach to the website development industry:


By acting on the assumption that others want and intend to do their best, as they see it, you can exert a powerful influence and bring out the best in them. Assume the best of others by assuming good faith which produces good fruit. Our efforts to classify and categorize, judge and measure often emerge from our own insecurities and frustrations in dealing with complex & changing realities. Each person has many dimensions and potentials, some in evidence, but most dormant. They tend to respond to how we treat them and what we believe about them. Some may let us down or take advantage of our trust, considering us naive or gullible. But most will come through, simply because we believe in them. Don't bottleneck the many for fear of a few! Whenever we assume good faith, born of good motives and inner security, we appeal to the good in others.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. When we're communicating with another, we need to give full attention, to be completely present. Then we need to empathize—to see from the other's point of view, to "walk in his moccasins" for a while. This takes courage, and patience, and inner sources of security. But until people feel that you understand them, they will not be open to your influence.

Give an understanding response. Using the understanding response (reflecting back feeling), three good things happen:

1) You gain increased understanding and clarity of feelings and problems;
2) You gain new courage and growth in responsible independence; and
3) you build real confidence in the relationship. This response has its greatest value when a person wants to talk about a situation laden with emotions and feelings. But this response is more attitude than technique. It will fail if you try to manipulate; it will work if you deeply want to understand

The name "Custom Technologies" was inspired by this story. After studying the "bucket-hauling" practices and techniques utilized by most website development firms, we realized that there was a smarter way. The bucket mentality still dominates the market; however, we believe at Custom Technologies that "Our Concept" will help to preced the pathway of the Digital Marketing Industry.

At Custom Technologies, we believe that it is our mission to make that happen.

About the Author - Dawson Church Ph. D is the author of multiple Award Winning bestsellers.
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