Data Recovery Overview

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a delicate science which requires specialized techniques to carefully extract highly sensitive information without affecting the integrity of the data itself. Custom Technologies can help individuals, legal firms, technical advisors, police agencies, courts and corporate organizations with their investigations using our team of highly trained professionals and proven expertise in computer forensics. We can recover your evidence even if:

•The files are deleted
•Data is hidden or hard to locate
•Data is lost due to software/hardware corruption
•Drives or the device is physically damaged by fire/water/accident etc.


The district attorney analyzes and gathers evidence to determine whether there are grounds to prosecute individuals. If a case goes to trial, the DA must present his case to a judge. Criminal proceedings are controlled almost entirely by the district attorney. To review police reports and requests follow-up investigations as necessary with the charging offenses by information or indictments. DA's should drafts legal documents such as motions, orders, memoranda, diversion agreements, and search and arrest warrants with supporting affidavits.

Prosecutor Responsibilities

  • Provide all necessary information to Custom Technologies
  • To bring proper actions against persons accused of crime
  • To serve justice rather than simply obtain a conviction

Custom Technologies Responsibilities

  • ascertain the exact time and date the information was created, accessed, modified, installed, or downloaded
  • Assist with case documents / Quotes
  • Prepare Court Reports

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