E-Discovery Overview


Nearly every business will need to reproduce records for an e-discovery event at some point. As the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) multiplies with new communication tools emerging, the IT and legal ramifications of managing e-discovery become more costly. By proactively preserving all of your electronic communications in one search-ready archiving system, you can significantly reduce the manual review time and costs associated with litigation and investigation preparedness.

• Identification and Collection of ESI.
• Stay ahead of Case Weaknesses and Business Risk.
• Help to manage the Discovery Process.
• Getting data out of the archives.

Financial & Corporate Services

Custom Technologies helps more than 6,000 global customers in the financial services industry, including broker dealers, investment advisors, hedge funds, private equity firms, exchanges, commercial and retail banks, lenders, and insurance agents, to meet their content retention and oversight obligations. Corporations are expanding their use of new communication tools to increase productivity at work, but it also leaves financial organizations vulnerable to the risks of non-compliance if they don’t have solutions in place to meet their regulatory needs.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Provide all necessary information to Custom Technologies
  • To bring proper actions against persons accused of crime
  • To serve justice rather than simply obtain a conviction

Custom Technologies Responsibilities

  • ascertain the exact time and date the information was created, accessed, modified, installed, or downloaded
  • Assist with case documents / Quotes
  • Prepare Court Reports

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